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Biomass Wood Pellets

Posted on Mon 9th Apr, 2018 in: Biomass FuelWood Pellets

Biomass Wood Pellets

There's been a National Shortage of Wood Pellets since Christmas- but we have pellets!


Verdo had a flood at their depot in Grangemouth, there has been a shortage of Raw Materials in the Baltic States, and it has been wet and rainy in the Baltic States, shutting down the forests. However, things are now starting to improve, and pellets are now beginning to come back. 


We have a great supply of wood pellets, biomass and equestrian.

Royals Biomass Wood Pellets are at a great price of £295* for a full pallet, we have some pallets left of Pureheat Biomass Wood Pellets at £275*, and have a supply of Premier Wood Pellets for £255*. These are all available for delivery or collection, we can even knock some money off for collection! 


Give us a call to discuss your needs and which pellet is best for you, and we'd be happy to help you out! 

* Delivery charges may apply

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