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Site Visit to Land Energy's production plant in Girvan

Posted on Wed 12th Jun, 2019 in: Blog

Site Visit to Land Energy

We are proud to become a distributor for a UK pellet supplier. This gives us confidence in our quality and supply in demand, but most of all, pride in the quality of our pellets. Becoming a distributor for Land Energy gave us an invite for a tour around their production plant in Girvan, Ayrshire. At this site they produce all of their UK produced biomass pellet, under the name of Woodlets, and their Horse Bedding, under the name Sorbeo. The production plant is located withing the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO biosphere.

All of the raw material wood supply that they use to manufacture the pellets originates from forests within 80 miles of the plant, ensuring the pellet is fully UK produced from start to finish. The forests used have felling licences, and for every tree that is felled is re-planted within 12 months. The logs used are ones which have been rejected by the sawmill sector and put to good use in the production plant. The location of the plant also enables deliveries of logs by ship, helping to reduce road travel and emissions.

Throughout the whole process there is no waste produced- they have a CHP plant installed onsite, and any wood waste gets put into this to keep the system running. Their biomass system provides 100% of the production plant's energy requirements, meaning they have no fossil fuel input. 

All pellets that are produced on site meet or exceed the ENplusA1 quality standard, and are sampled every 60 minutes to ensure this. Land Energy's confidence in their pellet enables them to guarantee a minimum Calorific Value of 4,800KWh of heat per tonne. The pellets also have an ash content of <0.2%, generating an industry-wide low of 10kg of Ash for every 5 tonnes burnt. At the plant they have a strict in-house quality programme which tests the pellets as they are made, and the results are verified by an independent laboratory.

We are happy to become a distributor for Land Energy, and are proud to have a great quality UK pellet included in our line of products. To order yours, give us a call!

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