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Millhouse Wood

Wood pellets are an economical alternative to using traditional types of bedding like shavings and straw

 Some of the Key Benefits of using Wood Pellets

 ~ Highly Absorbent ~

~ Smaller Muckheap ~

~ Quick & Easy to use ~

~ Remove only the Manure ~

~ Saves Time Mucking Out ~

~ Eco - Friendly ~

~ Easy to store & Handle ~

~ Dust Free ~

~ Light & Fluffy in Colour ~

~ Smell Great & Look Great ~

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Prices for Wood Pellets for the use of Horse Bedding and/or Cat Litter are inclusive of VAT at a rate of 20%. Prices for Wood Pellets for the use of Fuel in heating systems are subject to a 5% VAT Rate. If Pellets are required for heating purposes, please click on the 'Biomass Fuels' tab at the top of the page to view products and apply the lower VAT Rate.