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Monday 13th March Blog

Good Morning everyone!   Hope everyone had a great weekend!   It's getting warmer the closer we're getting to changing the clocks- only 13 days! Temperatures are at a warm high of 11º and low of 7º today, and highs of 12º and lows of 7º tomorrow.   Remember back in April 2016 when the National Environment Research Council (NERC) started a poll for the publi... Read More

Posted on Mon 13th Mar, 2017 in: Blog

Friday 10th March Blog

Good morning everyone!   We've made it to the weekend finally!   The weather is getting warmer now, which is quite strange for this time of year- seen as though we have had snow at this time of year before! We have highs of 11º and 10º over the weekend and down to lows of 4º on Sunday.   Westminster is at risk of a 'catastrophic' fire if it doesn't undergo repai... Read More

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Wednesday 8th March Blog

Good Morning!   Hope everyone is doing well on this fine Wednesday morning!   The weather is starting to look up now, with highs of 10º today, and highs of 10º tomorrow, with a very low chance of rain today and tomorrow.   Switzerland has been named the best country in the world, according to US News and World Report. The country earned it's place at the top due to i... Read More

Posted on Wed 8th Mar, 2017 in: Blog

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

What is the RHI? The RHI scheme is a government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable energy. By using heating systems which use eligible energy sources it helps the UK reduce it's carbon emissions and meet it's renewable energy targets.    Who can be part of it? Anyone can be part of it- you juts have to meet the joining requirements. It is for households and businesse... Read More

Posted on Tue 7th Mar, 2017 in: Biomass FuelTips And Tricks

Monday 6th March Blog

Good Morning!   Hope everyone is doing well on this sunny Monday morning!   The weather is looking warmer today with highs of 9º and highs of 8º tomorrow.   Sir Bruce Forsyth has sparked health fears after he returned home from hospital in an ambulance surrounded by medics. He was in intensive care for 5 days after suffering with a severe chest infection. Sir Bruce h... Read More

Posted on Mon 6th Mar, 2017 in: Blog

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