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Friday 24th March Blog

Hello everyone!   It's Friday! It's the weekend!   The weather has made an effort this weekend, it's sunny and warm! It is supposedly going to be hotter than in the Canary Islands. The met office has predicted temperatures of 16º and even going up to as high as 18º!    Some horrible news came from London on Wednesday- there was a terrorist attack in Westminster.... Read More

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Wednesday 22nd March Blog

Good Morning!   Half way through the week now, hope everyone is doing well!   The weather has made a turn for the worse this week, with rain all day today and highs of 6º and lows of 4º. However, tomorrow is brighter with not much rain, highs of 10º and lows of 4º.   Theresa May has introduced a UK flight ban for laptops, which will be introduced 'in the co... Read More

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Monday 20th March Blog

Good Morning!   Hope everyone is doing well and have had a great weekend!   The weather has turned dull and wet now- how typical. The forecast shows heavy rain this morning, with highs of 8º and lows of 3º throughout the day, and tomorrow cloudy with highs of 6º and lows of 1º.   A new character is being introduced onto Sesame Street. She is called Julia. S... Read More

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Friday 17th March Blog

Good Morning!   Friday at last! We've finally made it to the weekend, I hope everyone has something good planned!   The weather has started turning now- it's gone colder and it's even started raining. Expect rain and winds over the weekend, but with warm temeperatures- highs of 8º and lows of 7º today, highs of 11º and lows of 10º tomorrow, and highs of 12º a... Read More

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Monday 13th March Blog

Good Morning everyone!   Hope everyone had a great weekend!   It's getting warmer the closer we're getting to changing the clocks- only 13 days! Temperatures are at a warm high of 11º and low of 7º today, and highs of 12º and lows of 7º tomorrow.   Remember back in April 2016 when the National Environment Research Council (NERC) started a poll for the publi... Read More

Posted on Mon 13th Mar, 2017 in: Blog

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