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Hopper Clean-out

Have you had your biomass boiler for a while? Has the hopper ever been cleaned out? While it's the summer months, why not get your hopper cleaned out? When the hoppers are never cleaned out or not cleaned out for a long time, dust and fines can build up and blockages can be caused. So while it's warm and the boiler isn't doing much, why not get the hopper emptied, vacuumed out and a new load of p... Read More

Posted on Thu 27th Apr, 2017 in: Biomass FuelTips And Tricks

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

What is the RHI? The RHI scheme is a government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable energy. By using heating systems which use eligible energy sources it helps the UK reduce it's carbon emissions and meet it's renewable energy targets.    Who can be part of it? Anyone can be part of it- you juts have to meet the joining requirements. It is for households and businesse... Read More

Posted on Tue 7th Mar, 2017 in: Biomass FuelTips And Tricks

How Sustainable is Biomass Fuel?

What is biomass fuel? Biomass fuel is a renewable energy source in the form of organic residues and wastes from natural, biological materials. Biomass fuels have a low energy density in comparison to fossil fuels and are used to create energy for electricity as well as alternative forms of power. Biomass fuels are of interest due to their ability to save vast amount of money, thanks to their ren... Read More

Posted on Thu 19th Jan, 2017 in: Biomass Fuel

Why use Biomass?

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel - available from Millhouse Wood.  Its production and use also brings additional environmental and social benefits.  Biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels. What are the benefits of using biomass as a sustainable fuel and replacing fossil fuels? Correctl... Read More

Posted on Thu 25th Feb, 2016 in: Biomass Fuel

Why you should buy from a BSL authorised supplier

Biomass Supplier Authorised Millhouse Wood is proud to be on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) which is administered by Gemserv on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).  The BSL is a list of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) eligible wood fuels where biomass suppliers may register their woodfuels. RHI participants using biomass fuel need to ensure that their fuel meets t... Read More

Posted on Thu 25th Feb, 2016 in: Biomass Fuel