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First continuous coal-free period since the Industrial Revolution

Friday 21st April was the first continuous 24-hour coal-free period in electricity production history. Coal plants either closed or switched to burning biomass such as wood pellets. This was the first time the country has been without electricity from coal since the world's first coal-fired public generator opened in 1882 in London. Coal is the most polluting fossil fuel, and it has seen a major d... Read More

Posted on Wed 3rd May, 2017 in: Coal

Hopper Clean-out

Have you had your biomass boiler for a while? Has the hopper ever been cleaned out? While it's the summer months, why not get your hopper cleaned out? When the hoppers are never cleaned out or not cleaned out for a long time, dust and fines can build up and blockages can be caused. So while it's warm and the boiler isn't doing much, why not get the hopper emptied, vacuumed out and a new load of p... Read More

Posted on Thu 27th Apr, 2017 in: Biomass FuelTips And Tricks

Barbecue Safety Tips

Last week, ITV reported that a house in north London was destroyed by a fire that was thought to have been started by a disposable barbecue which was left on decking, which got us thinking about barbecue safety. On top of this the last survey by HASS/LASS in 2002 reported that there was an estimated 1,800 people visit A&E in the UK due to an accident involving a barbecue, which, whilst the nu... Read More

Posted on Thu 20th Apr, 2017 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

Had a new stove fitted? Try out our products!

Have you just had a new stove fitted in your house or do you just fancy trying out different products? Call in to the unit and have a look at what we have on offer!   Nets of Kiln Dried Logs- Ash or Silver Birch- £5.99 per net Nets Kindling- £2.99 for a small net or £4.99 for a large net Wood Briquettes- £3.50 for a pack of 6 Waxling Firelighters- £2.50 for ... Read More

Posted on Mon 10th Apr, 2017 in: Blog

BBQs and Pizza Ovens

Here at Millhouse, we have a range of BBQs and Pizza Ovens on offer in our Unit! We have: The Uuni 2 Pizza Oven which when it reaches maximum temperature, it can cook pizza in around 60 seconds! It can aslo cook other foods such as flatbreads, salmon, vegetables, steaks or anything that enjoys short cooking times. It's small and can be taken anywhere, in it's own carry bag! It is perfect for usin... Read More

Posted on Fri 7th Apr, 2017 in: Outdoor Cooking

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