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We do not know how long there has been a farm at Rishworth Mill. The earliest record is when a Richard Rawnsley, the Corn Miller, left the residue of his lease there to his wife and family in May 1601.

Mill House Wood is part of Mill House Farm based in the pretty village of Rishworth, Calderdale, West Yorkshire – around 10 miles from Halifax and literally up the road from Ripponden. In 1715 William Proctor leased the Mill and Farm from Sir George Savile. In 1761, John Wheelwright, the first Trustee of Rishworth Grammar School took up residence at Mill House farming the land and becoming the corn miller. Eventually buying the property in 1835.

The Wheelwrights sold up in 1948 to John Crossley and sons Ltd. The Taylors moved to the farm in 1957, first renting and eventually buying in 1986. The farm has just over 40 acres of land and all the fields are named individually. A few examples are: Shoulder of Mutton Clough, Shrog, Bullister and Megs Carr Holme. Originally the Taylors had dairy cows but the milk tanker pulled out of the farmyard for the last time in 1987 and since then they have only had beef cattle.

Mill House Wood now supply kiln dried firewood logs, wood renewables including wood burning pellets and briquettes, equine horse bedding pellets and associated products and services to the UK.



Meet the Team ~ Below Steve Barrett Transport Manager, Adam Taylor Managing Director, Suzi Greenwood Company Secretary & Emma Carling Admin Assistant ~ Photo taken at the Overgate Colour Run 2017 as a Colour Station Sponsor