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Premium Wood Pellets - Our Best Seller!

Posted on Thu 25th Feb, 2016 in: Wood Pellets

Premium Wood Pellets - Our Best Seller!

Premium wood pellets are light and fluffy and create a soft springy and warm bed for horses they are an economical alternative to shavings and are highly absorbent this reducing the size of the muck heap and staying clean for much longer.

How the bedding works...

Put approximately 8 – 10 bags on the stable floor and add half a standard size bucket of water to the pellets, wait 15 minutes for the pellets to activate and then spread around the stable to create a light in colour fluffy bed.

Remove any manure on a daily basis and also any wet areas, replace the wet areas with whole pellets which will soak up any damp areas.

Expected usage  – 1 or 2 bags weekly.

You will notice a difference to your muck heap (smaller), the smell of urine gone but most of all it lasts a lot longer than anything else on the market so is very cost effective!

Collections available from Unit 6A, Rishworth Business Complex, HX6 4RB 01422 646839

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