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Kamado Joe: The best charcoal grill in the world!

A decision was made that we needed to add a Grill/Barbeque to enhance our summer range. You may think that a barbeque is a barbeque. It may be disposable, it may be an outdoor kitchen, it will be either gas or charcoal and of course price is always a consideration – but what about passion? That may be for a certain lifestyle, passion about your food, it’s presentation and how it taste... Read More

Posted on Fri 12th Apr, 2019 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

The Kamado Joe Range

Fire: it’s as common as it is captivating, as simple as it is seductive, the flicker and the flames, the crackle and the heat. It changes how we live, how we cook, how we entertain and how we feel.  Lifestyle is a choice, a state of mind and a time of leisure. Millhouse supply kiln dried logs for wood burners and firepits, charcoal for BBQ’s and are now proud to announce our... Read More

Posted on Wed 3rd Apr, 2019 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

Now in stock!

We now have in stock the Big Joe in the Kamado Joe range! The Big Joe shares the same uncompromising design and functionality of the Classic II, but commanding even more cooking surface, the Big Joe is the most versatile kamado and perfect for large families or entertaining a crowd. The Big Joe is the biggest grill in the Kamado Joe range, and can accomodate 3 full racks of ribs!  The ... Read More

Posted on Mon 23rd Apr, 2018 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

Summer is here!

The temperature is up, the sun is out, so get your BBQs out! Call down to our Unit to take a look at our summer products! If you don't have a BBQ, take a look at these we have for sale below! The Ozpig Cooker and Heater The Ozpig cooker and heater is the perfect camping and travelling companion! It doubles up as a cooker and a heater, so you can cook and then open the door for an enclosed but... Read More

Posted on Thu 22nd Jun, 2017 in: Outdoor Cooking

Barbecue Safety Tips

Last week, ITV reported that a house in north London was destroyed by a fire that was thought to have been started by a disposable barbecue which was left on decking, which got us thinking about barbecue safety. On top of this the last survey by HASS/LASS in 2002 reported that there was an estimated 1,800 people visit A&E in the UK due to an accident involving a barbecue, which, whilst the nu... Read More

Posted on Thu 20th Apr, 2017 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

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