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Premier Wood Pellets

We have just had new stock of Premier Wood Pellets delivered to us! They're perfect for use as Cat Litter or Horse Bedding. They are Eco Friendly, Highly Absorbent, Easy to Store & Handle, Competitive on Price, Reduce the Muckheap, Reduce aroma of urine, light in colour and fluff up when wet!   Give us a call, send and email or go online to place your order toda... Read More

Posted on Thu 27th Sep, 2018 in: BlogWood Pellets

Biomass Wood Pellets

There's been a National Shortage of Wood Pellets since Christmas- but we have pellets!   Verdo had a flood at their depot in Grangemouth, there has been a shortage of Raw Materials in the Baltic States, and it has been wet and rainy in the Baltic States, shutting down the forests. However, things are now starting to improve, and pellets are now beginning to come back.    We have... Read More

Posted on Mon 9th Apr, 2018 in: Biomass FuelWood Pellets

Special Offer

Special offer: £225* for a pallet of Wood Pellets 65x15kg bags- for use as Horse Bedding or Cat Litter. Stock up now! *Terms and Conditions apply... Read More

Posted on Thu 26th Jan, 2017 in: Wood Pellets

Cat Litter and Horse Bedding

Cat litter- £3.99 single bag, 1/4 pallet £63, 1/2 pallet £125, full pallet £225. Free delivery on orders over £50. Collection available from Unit 6, Rishworth Business Complex. Call 01422 646839 For comparison, Pets at Home are selling a 30litre bag for £9+ which is the same size as the bags we sell. Also great for horse bedding. ... Read More

Posted on Mon 19th Sep, 2016 in: Wood Pellets

Premium Wood Pellets - Our Best Seller!

Premium wood pellets are light and fluffy and create a soft springy and warm bed for horses they are an economical alternative to shavings and are highly absorbent this reducing the size of the muck heap and staying clean for much longer. How the bedding works... Put approximately 8 – 10 bags on the stable floor and add half a standard size bucket of water to the pellets, wait 15 minutes f... Read More

Posted on Thu 25th Feb, 2016 in: Wood Pellets