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Tuesday 16th October Blog

Good Morning!   The weather has been very wild over the weekend, but warm!   It has been revealed that Contactless payments have become more popular than Chip-and-Pin card transactions for the first time in the UK. Payment processing company Worldpay said it happened in June, when 51% of in-store card transactions were contactless, rising to 52% in July. Analysis of the Company's dat... Read More

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Monday 1st October Blog

Hello!   The cold weather is definitely beginning to step in- 2º this morning!   Tesco Bank has been fined £16.4m by the City watchdog over a cyber attack on the lender, which could have been 'largely avoidable'. The FinancialConduct Authority (FCA) said deficiencies at the bank had left account holders vulnerable to an incident which bagged cyber criminals £2.26m. T... Read More

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Premier Wood Pellets

We have just had new stock of Premier Wood Pellets delivered to us! They're perfect for use as Cat Litter or Horse Bedding. They are Eco Friendly, Highly Absorbent, Easy to Store & Handle, Competitive on Price, Reduce the Muckheap, Reduce aroma of urine, light in colour and fluff up when wet!   Give us a call, send and email or go online to place your order toda... Read More

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Monday 17th September Blog

Good Morning!   It's starting to get a chillier, Autumn is on it's way!   This week, parts of Britain could see up to 70mph gusts of wind this week as Storm Helene hits. Travel services are likely to be disrupted, and trees could be uprooted due to the strong winds, set to hit between 6pm tonight and 8am tomorrow. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning, meaning"be aware", co... Read More

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Monday 3rd September Blog

Hello and welcome to September!    We hope all the locals had a great time at the Rushbearing over the weekend, and back to school this week!   The Police have launched a crackdown on drivers with poor eyesight, in order to assess road safety concerns. Any drivers who are pulled over during September will be tested on the spot to see if they can read a number plate from 20 metre... Read More

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