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What our customers think...

Posted on Thu 8th Oct, 2015 in: Testimonials

As we grow, our customers continually offer their feedback on our products and customer service.
Here are a few sample testimonials we have received recently.

"Excellent customer service, always friendly and reliable"
"The new bedding is so cost effective and the difference in smell is incredible"
"The delivery made on the small vehicle was excellent, the driver unloaded and stacked the pellets in my garage for me, fabulous service"
"The premium pellets are more dustier than the Verdo, about the same for soaking up, only thing it resembles wet building sand when it is wet and the light colour means it sort of trails it’s more noticeable than verdo, but at that price I would stick with them" (Equine bedding customer)
"The customer service and quality of the kiln dried logs are always consistent and that’s why I buy from Millhouse World of Wood Ltd"

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