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Monday 3rd September Blog

Hello and welcome to September!    We hope all the locals had a great time at the Rushbearing over the weekend, and back to school this week!   The Police have launched a crackdown on drivers with poor eyesight, in order to assess road safety concerns. Any drivers who are pulled over during September will be tested on the spot to see if they can read a number plate from 20 metre... Read More

Posted on Mon 3rd Sep, 2018 in: Blog

Monday 28th August Blog

Hello!   This past week we have seen 2 Brits die in Egypt whilst on holiday with their daughter and granddaughter. There was a "strange odour" in the Egyptian hotel room where a British couple died, the local governor has confirmed. The daughter, Kelly Ormerod, who had been on holiday with her parents, revealed her daughter "could smell something that was a little bit funny" ... Read More

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Most-polluting wood burner fuels due to get the chop

Environment secretary Michael Gove to banish house coal to curb harmful emissions Heather Stewart Political editor Thu 16 Aug 2018 19.08 BSTLast modified on Thu 16 Aug 2018 20.35 BST   Shares 391    Ministers will tighten standards to ensure only the cleanest wood-burning stoves are sold. Photograph: Alamy Mi... Read More

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Wednesday 15th August Blog

Hi All,   This past week or few's news has been eventful, not to mention the weather we've been having!    A climate report from the met office has revealed it's been hotter and wetter than at any other time in the past 100 years! The heatwave could even last for another 4 years, while scientists warn us about 'abnormally high' temperatures. It is partially due to global warming... Read More

Posted on Wed 15th Aug, 2018 in: Blog

Now in stock!

We now have in stock the Big Joe in the Kamado Joe range! The Big Joe shares the same uncompromising design and functionality of the Classic II, but commanding even more cooking surface, the Big Joe is the most versatile kamado and perfect for large families or entertaining a crowd. The Big Joe is the biggest grill in the Kamado Joe range, and can accomodate 3 full racks of ribs!  The ... Read More

Posted on Mon 23rd Apr, 2018 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

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