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Kamado Joe: The best charcoal grill in the world!

A decision was made that we needed to add a Grill/Barbeque to enhance our summer range. You may think that a barbeque is a barbeque. It may be disposable, it may be an outdoor kitchen, it will be either gas or charcoal and of course price is always a consideration – but what about passion? That may be for a certain lifestyle, passion about your food, it’s presentation and how it taste... Read More

Posted on Fri 12th Apr, 2019 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

The Kamado Joe Range

Fire: it’s as common as it is captivating, as simple as it is seductive, the flicker and the flames, the crackle and the heat. It changes how we live, how we cook, how we entertain and how we feel.  Lifestyle is a choice, a state of mind and a time of leisure. Millhouse supply kiln dried logs for wood burners and firepits, charcoal for BBQ’s and are now proud to announce our... Read More

Posted on Wed 3rd Apr, 2019 in: BlogOutdoor Cooking

The Clean Air Strategy: What does it mean for me?

  Since the government announced their new Clean Air Strategy, we’ve had a lot of people asking, “What does it mean for me?”. Well I’ve dived deep into the government website and read up on this new document to tell you all you need to know. What is the Clean Air Strategy? The Clean Air Strategy outlines how the government plan to tackle sources of air pollution, ma... Read More

Posted on Mon 1st Apr, 2019 in: Blog